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Hi, I'm Christine.

Have you ever sat in a theatre and experienced that moment at the end of the play when the stage goes dark and there's a second of silence? And in that silence (which seems to last forever) you relive every single emotion the story has made you feel? And maybe you realize that you're holding your breath because to breathe would be to relinquish those feelings, and you're not ready to do that just yet? And then in an instant, the lights come up, there is applause, and the moment is over?

Me too. I love that moment. Well, more generally, I love moments. In good theatre, I believe the entire emotional weight of the story can be told in a moment - that space between a breath, a light change, or an

"I love you."

As a storyteller, I am interested in exploring the endless

possibilities of a moment. I want to find the best

way to create and nurture empathy within an 

audience. I want them to feel that moment and 

laugh. Or cry. Or realize their own short-

comings. Or simply be entertained (stories are

versatile). Let's create one together, shall we?

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