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Yep, you heard me right! Dramaturgy is an important but oft-overlooked element of production. Directors and designers use dramaturgy in their work all the time. Me? I just use it a little more...

But what IS  dramaturgy?

Quite broadly, dramaturgy is the study of theatre practice, research, and theory. Some view dramaturgy as just production research, but dramaturgs are also vital to play development, serving as chief advocate for the words on the page.

I think of myself as a theatre curator. In order to tell the story well, I work to curate pieces of information for directors, actors, designers, and audience. Whether in first draft reads, 

production, or post-show discussions, I serve as a critical eye to best present the story to all.




  • Production Dramaturg​y

  • Historical Research

  • Audience Outreach

  • New Play Development

  • Play Consultation


High Point University

BA in Theatre and English Literature

Writers Theatre

Literary Management Intern

Portfolio samples below; full portfolio available upon request.


Program Note from the Writers Theatre production of A Doll's House, 2019

Production Poster from the High Point University production of Borrowed Babies, 2020

Production Packet excerpt from the High Point University production of Bright Star, 2019

Lobby Poster from the High Point University production of Little Women, 2018

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